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Incomplete Thoughts


Incomplete thoughts have the same characteristics as carbon monoxide. They can’t be seen nor are they viewed as being incomplete. They can create for us great harm.

I find that many times, when things don’t go right, it is because I missed something along the way. Never spending enough time to build out my thinking. Always rushed to enjoy an outcome before it arrives.

The only way that I can identify my incomplete thoughts is by talking things through with others whose abilities and life experiences are different than mine.

It’s strange that I did not first mention consulting a close friend. Their empathy towards both me and my situation prevents them from sometimes telling me the truth. Their attention looks more to soothe and please than searching for cracks in my thoughts to be challenged.

The stories we tell ourselves are so convincing that the little details and incomplete thoughts get lost in the painting of our masterpiece.

It’s up to us to recognize that they are there, even when we can’t see them, and seek out others when the outcome we are trying to create is important to us.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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