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Organizations, at times, always get pushed into some sort of instability. Either the environment around them changes and they cannot seem to make sense of it. Other times, things change within it where a previous emphasis disappears (i.e. from a change of leadership) or when too many new things are introduced disrupting the regular processes that kept the organization strong.

We feel trapped in situations that are unstable. Our frames of reference crumble leaving us feeling helpless. The most common thing I see when this happens is that people develop a point of view that states clearly what is wrong and how it should be fixed. People take sides in pointing blame. Or they target an individual as being the cause of the instability. Described as a cancer, removing that person will change everything (so they say).

A bad side effect of an unstable organization is the lack of trust that develops between participants. Trust is the glue that keeps organizations stable. It allows for differences with every participant understanding that no one has any personal agendas when sharing ideas and possibilities.

What is missed in all of this, is that the individuals within an organization and their actions can actually make a situation more unstable. Yes there are many things that will have contributed to the initial creation of instability. And yes, there needs to be an “awakening” within the organization that there are things that are not right and need attention.

The more negative the messaging, the more insistent a solution is postured but not implemented, the more time that passes without small steps (or a large one if needed) the more everyone inside the organization adds to the instability.

This one is not easily solved. Being aware that you can add to the instability when you are part of an unstable organization highlights the need to approach your next steps with balance, positivity, and a much greater sense of the dangers you can unintentionally create while pursuing a solution.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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