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It’s Difficult


One way I believe I can tell when someone is growing as a person is when they become confused about an issue. The path is to be certain about something and then learn or be exposed to things that now make them confused about what they first believed. To me this is good because they end up developing a new worldview different from the past that helps them move forward.

A second way is when you hear someone say something is difficult. It’s different than confusion because this occurs as they are trying something new. If you simply do what you know, things tend to be easier.

Most everything you do that is new will be difficult at first. It won’t feel comfortable. It may not even make sense the first time you try. All of these efforts are great because it means you have ventured out of your comfort zone. As you learn new things, your view of the world expands and you grow as a person.

Where people get in trouble with the phrase “it’s difficult” is what they do next. There is no guarantee that they will evolve and grow as a person when they declare this. Why is that? Because I find that people always answer this in only one of two ways; I will do it or I can’t do it.

Giving up is the easiest way to stay stuck in your life. In order to change, you have to confront and conquer something new that is difficult. Those that say that they will do it, usually don’t achieve this on day one. But rather they seem to have the persistence to keep trying until they do.

It’s difficult should bring you joy when you say it. It means you are on your way to something new. Strangely, most people don’t feel joy but just the opposite.

Don’t be one of those whose frustration leads them to quit too early. The payoff by taking something difficult and making it become easy for you could be greater than you think. If you choose to try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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