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The phrase “It’s Hard” is another conversational piece we don’t hear a lot of when talking with others. What’s much more common is the story of how this or that is easy. “If only they……….or there is nothing hard about what they are trying to do.”

What I have found through the years is that anything that is outside of your routine or what you normally do is hard. It either takes a lot of work or a lot of courage to try something you are not used to.

Every dream you have of a better life, a different life, a slimmer you, or whatever variation of these themes are not easy to accomplish. Especially the first time.

If you ever studied electrical engineering, you learned that the most energy that a motor uses is in the first few seconds when it starts up. Our lives are no different.

The hardest work, the longest hours, the most endurance and persistence you need is when you first start. Especially when you get past the first day and following weeks. When the romance of what you hoped for melts amidst the disappointments you incur along your journey.

The irony is, the harder something is to achieve, the greater its value. We should use the phrase “it’s hard” not as an excuse to try something new or different. Rather we should use this phrase as an affirmation and a mind set that acknowledges that we understand and are up to the task of persevering towards our goals.

Their is no 5 minute solution nor is there the expediency we find in so many ads and articles about how to improve.

Saying it’s hard and then beginning is the best way to show others that you are grounded in reality and understand that keeping it real will help you manage the ups and downs that life presents us with as we continue to both grow and evolve.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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