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Jumping In


Nothing describes “jumping in” better than the image of a scared person hesitating to jump into the deep end of a cold pool. It’s the feelings that surround jumping in that make it such a strong metaphor for experiencing something that you are not sure how you will do or how will it be when you do it. It is the greatest obstacle to any change in our lives.

In a conversation the other day with a friend, they made the statement that they believed that to create a successful professional or work life, eveyone must initially jump in to one type of business or another in order to begin to gain the experience and skills to be successful in it. They need to apply themselves after they jump in to gain traction.

i found this very interesting as well as an astute observation. Rather than luck or being in the right place at the right time, more than having interest in one type of work or another, you need to first “jump in” before any of what you hope to happen can come true.

Instead of convincing yourself of your potential and your abilities, you need to choose an industry or specialty and you need to jump in without really knowing how you will do. Understanding that the success part of your story will take time to reveal itself no matter what you choose for your life’s work. Your work after “jumping in” will determine your level of success.

The same dynamics are in play when we change jobs, careers, or look for new opportuntities. There is no certainty in the choice of what you do. Certainty only reveals itself over time as you apply yourself. It’s in demonstrating your smarts, your ability to be flexible, responsible, and participative that will begin to determine your path in life and your success.

Our greatest obstacle when faced with the need to change or do something new is simply the fear of “jumping in”. It stops us from doing many things that we could be worthy and good at doing.

If only we could remember all of this during our greatest moment of fear right before wanting to start something new.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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