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Keep Going


One of the hardest things that I find to do is to “keep going”. It’s easy to run out of interest, energy, or enthusiasm for something that you thought was once upon a time so necessary. It’s much harder to keep working towards it — in spite of the difficulties.

It’s almost as if our aspirations are perishable. They seem to have a short presence in our lives then quickly disappear before our eyes.

Nothing ever happens fast enough. Things always need more energy, attention, and focus than we first thought.

Things many times look daunting. We try and try yet never seem able to overcome. Because we are in the middle of our lives, we fail to recognize change while it’s happening. When things appear “messy”, to keep going, seems futile.

Lasting value is never created from thin air.  Neither are our lives.

To “keep going” is the easiest thing each of us can do and yet, in many ways, the hardest.

Understanding “both sides of this story” can help us manage and better overcome the struggle we many times face when we get tired.

It’s a common problem. Don’t let it “take you down”.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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