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Keep Moving to Learn When Faced with Indecision


Our concept of learning revolves around reading books and/or attending classes or seminars. An activity that requires us to stop the normal routine of our daily lives to focus exclusively on learning. Implied in this approach is that you do this with “quiet time”.

But is this really how we learn most things as adults? Admittedly, we learn a lot from our experiences. Ones that are both good and bad. What is missed is it never is the experience itself that teaches us our largest lessons. You must reflect in order to really learn the most from what happened. Playing back how things might be done differently the next time.

What happens when we are indecisive? Uncertain? Confused? We stop. Spending endless hours reviewing things in our mind. Thinking we are productive. When in truth, we are going nowhere. Tomorrow will still be the same. Because nothing changes. Your mind tricks us into thinking that we are making progress. Without any results to show for it.

Indecision requires exploration & action to move past it.

Things don’t solve themselves. They need your participation.

You should always take a next step. By talking to someone different, watching videos on YouTube to figure out what you don’t understand, or simply trying something. Anything. It’s amazing what you might learn from a sentence, a thought, or a brief encounter that begins to make clear the right door for you to go through.

Reflect on the new information gathered and then do it again by taking another next step. The more next steps you take, the clearer things become. Even opening up the door to possiblities you never before considered. Being willing to take the next step in a direction guided by the step before.

Difficulty stops many of us when exploring in this way. My answer is to keep reading, doing, trying, asking and searching no matter how difficult the information you are trying to absorb and understand. If you hear something enough times, in different ways, things will start to make sense. You may not do things right the first time but as they say “practice makes perfect”. You will get better.

Movement or motion is for more than just exercise. It brings us strength and ability during those times when we are filled with indecision and uncertainty. Providing us with a tool to use towards resolution and closure.

Being active problem solvers through exploration can be developed into a strength the more times you do it. Making learning as an adult more intentional and experiental as we age. As well as getting us “unstuck” when we are in our own way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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