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Learning From Music


It’s rare to find anyone who does not like music. Different genres and styles yes. Each of us listening to music with a presence and an intensity that resonates deep inside. With little thought given as to what is needed to hear a finished version many times over.

Confessing that I am not a musician puts me at a disadvantage. The little I do know makes me travel to see parallels between the possible pillars and paths necessary to create a song and those needed to create our lives.

In the beginning, a song writer gravitates to their favorite musical instrument. For some a piano. For others possibly a guitar. Their chosen instrument is an extension of who they are. They’re comfortable in this setting, giving them the opportunity to find their muse and inspiration. We are no different. Some of us like to do lists. Others calendars. Some tablets or laptops. Others pens & journals.

The song writer then either has a feeling or emotion they want to express or they magically discover a series of notes strung together that captures their heart. Sometimes clear. Other times vague and imperfect. In either case, it’s what pulls them into the journey to discover their next song.

Together at the start, they find a rhythm to the notes they string together. Then using harmony to expand our senses and range of tones that amplify their message or inspiration. Using rhythm as their discipline when other instruments join this parade. Harmony creates the boundaries to keep everyone focused on the song at hand. Using words to create context. Connecting their inspiration to our hearts in so many ways.

It sounds so simple. First have a vision, no matter how vague or imperfect that pulls us into a new journey. Find a rhythm or cadence to give us the discipline to continue. Be aware of things that are in harmony with our vision so as not to get distracted. Understanding that context is needed for its necessary to work on many levels to reach our meaningful goal.

Yet we often struggle to achieve this flow. Our lives are full of distraction leaving us little time to reflect on these simple steps necessary to be creative in the same way as a song writer & musician. There is too much noise in our lives to find a faint kindling in our heart to pull us into a new journey. Ending our days in exhaustion leaving us little energy for reflection.

All of this diminishing our ability to push through engaging in new journeys

to further develop and create our lives.

We jump from one tool to the next thinking that the next one will be what sets us in a new direction. Never realizing all we need is to use what we have and enjoy first. It’s more than enough to get started. Now understanding this possibility as if they equal a song writer’s favorite instrument used as their blank canvas.

There are no more secrets for music to share. With marvel and gratitude to the many who create music for us to enjoy. We apologize for only seeing the outcome of your work. Your songs are so magical and comforting. Your generosity to share what inspires you is an example that we too should follow.

If only we could embrace and follow the many steps you take to get there within our own lives, interests and inspirations that tickle our hearts as well. Giving us the ability to generously share the work of our talents for others to enjoy and learn from as well, regardless of the domain, context or work we focus on.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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