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Less Than Two Weeks


Two weeks is a lot of time. If you have a report to complete. Put together a presentation in Power Point. Organize and touch up pictures from a recent photo shoot. Send out your Christmas cards. Why even cleaning up your home office before the holidays or decorating your living room before family arrives.

You see we have less than two weeks until Christmas. This holiday focuses us on what yet needs to be done. For others to see and enjoy.

But two weeks is only 3.85% of a year and only .38% of a decade. It’s hard to remember two weeks in a lifetime as everything tends to blur over time. Two weeks is not a lot of time – for time goes quickly. Days and weeks creep up on us and pass us up without notice.

This time of the year presents us with urgency. Most tasks needing attention are not difficult to complete but do require time. A holiday urgency to perform and complete. An urgency not present in our lives at any other time of the year.

What can we learn from the pressure of the holidays? That maybe, just maybe, we can get more things done throughout the year once we choose to make something new and important to us as urgent.

Remembering that the Christmas holiday makes us perform to completion. A worthy habit to cling to throughout the year. Recreating this magic from urgency to other things could become as real to us if we choose to focus on them in this same way. Albeit, without the same excitement that surrounds this special day.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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