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Let’s Look At The Wind More Closely


The wind is a great example of diversity, in essence, purpose, and perspective of almost everything in life. Many times we view the wind “as the wind” when upon exploration, we find it is much more and very different depending on how you view it and/or use it.

Let’s look at the wind more closely.

A cool breeze off of the ocean quiets the soul. The same breeze on a hot day, while in the shade, refreshes the body with great joy. The wind, when strong, provides resistance to our movement that reminds us that we are not alone. The wind, when called by different names, can also result in devastation, tears, and the loss of all of the material things in our life.

Winds can be very helpful to a sail so that it can become productive. Windmills wait anxiously for the wind to get to work. Our breath can simulate the wind when blowing out a birthday candle. The wind helps us with gas mileage when we travel in the same direction that it pushes us. Trees and plants, many times, wait for the wind to help carry their pollen to each other for our flowers to bloom.

Architects build buildings in ways to stand up to the wind. Airplanes are designed to use the wind in ways that magically allow them to float on air. Weathermen are focused on measuring its speed to help them describe how cold it will actually feel when we are outside.

The sound of wind can be eerie when strong. It can change the flight of a golf ball and keep a baseball from leaving the park.

Sightless yet complicated. Many uses and many outcomes for the wind. Benefits and destruction are all part of its many days.

The wind mirrors the essence of life’s many sides.  Life, much like the wind, can take on many appearances, meanings, and uses even though it is described with only one word.

This prompts us to then ask “How well do we really know or understand something”?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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