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Life is a Two Player Game


Our lives always center around ourselves. We have a difficult day or a great one. Every emotion revolves around how we feel. As if we are more times the victim rather than the recipient of some good.

What is lost in our self-centeredness is that life is never played with only one person. There is always someone else involved. While this sound simple, it has many implications that we tend to forget. They Include:

We can’t always have our way. Our beliefs are not the only way to see things. It’s not always about what we want but rather understanding what others want and feel that brings about empathy, compassion, as well as new knowledge, providing us with the insights needed to move forward.

Two player games are not meant to devolve into a tug of war. Life should never be a zero sum game. Where if someone wins, the other loses. Rather it should seek out ways that help both in the moment. When both sides act as if only they can win, nothing good comes out of it in the long term. Many times, both sides lose something in the process.

Where there is only a zero sum game, there can be no leadership or followership. For there is no incentive to have either side work towards creating a better future.

Even when something feels like we have no input or choice in what life is presenting you, we still can choose how we react. Different reactions could lead to different possibilities. This is true whether we find ourselves in a “situation” or if it involves others.

Team sports (business, athletic, or non-profit) are difficult because they too are multi-player games. Many times making this type of environment more complicated to navigate. Most individual success is created in multi-player environments involving many along the way, helping to create this type of success.

In two player games, there is no right or wrong. It’s finding a path through what you face that is most important. Most times, different players have different things that they value in the context of their interaction. It’s clear when thinking in these terms that there cannot be only one right or wrong or only one winner. Different emphasis on what is important leads to different possibilities and not to only one possible outcome.

Luck itself is a two player game. For opportunities can present themselves yet only turn into luck when we recognize them and act on what we see or feel in the moment. Without recognition or action, luck fades quickly from sight.

Interestingly enough, for situations of health, there too is a two sided game. Always placing ourselves against our own inner demons and weaknesses. Grasping to establish self discipline to weather any health setback.

In times of need, frustration, or anger we only see ourselves. We always focus on what everyone else is doing wrong. Or why the situation is not right. Again as if we were the only player. Keeping us stuck in what appears as unresolvable situations.

Being reminded often, that life is a two player game, gives us a chance to reassess our expectations with a view towards moving forward rather than feeling trapped by what appears to be a large, unmoveable wall.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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