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Life is All About the Reflections We Create


There aren’t many places where we can see reflections. Something must facilitate them. A mirror, a shiny surface or maybe a quiet lake. While looking in a mirror is always intentional, reflections on other surfaces can occur quite unexpectedly.

Life only can be felt not seen. So what does life have to do with reflections? We are not talking about thinking deeply of where you have been. This occurs when you reflect on something. The phenomenon of reflections we are exploring today is more of a bounce back of something you created or started that returns to you in some way. Amplifying its essence in a way that touches your heart creating connection. Validating our presence in the world. Reflections help us find meaning in our lives through others.

Laughter is a great example of reflections that amplify connection. We have all laughed by ourselves. Sometimes its a smile, or a chuckle, but always of short duration. Contrast this with the contagious laughter that occurs when with others. The laughter you create becomes a reflection when words get trampled by the laughter of the souls around you. In this moment, the intimate yet invisible connection with others brings us more energy when your laughter is spontaneously reflected in their hearts. Making you feel so alive in a way that brings your life presence and meaning. Magically, providing others with the exact same benefits in return.

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you” or Maya Angelou’s famous quote ” People will not remember what you did but how you made them feel” both allude to the relational nature of life itself. Our shelter at home during the pandemic exposed this basic need to be with others. But it’s much deeper than being with others at a store. Spontaneous reflections by others are key towards creating meaningful human interaction. For the reflections created can be equally intense and similar for both.

It’s never enough to simply be. To create reflections we must initiate. Think of compassion and caring for others. They never ask while suffering silently. The generosity of our heart to reach out to them, when not expected, spontaneously brings a smile to their face that can energize our life. Reflecting through their smile the concern and care we showed them. Once again, validating our presence and bringing meaning to both of our lives in return. Being remembered & valued is so powerful for both sides when this occurs.

Life at its core requires a duality of itself to find meaning. We are not meant to be alone. But to find energy, meaning and presence in a powerful way, we must reach out to others hoping to create reflections that both they and us will find energizing, meaningful, and valued as they occur.

Bringing us to the question – “How many reflections through others have you experienced this week”? Whether one or ten, it is the thirst for more that should help drive us into the world around us. Not with fanfare or applause. But simple acts done in sincere ways with those along your journey. Reaching out again to find ourselves through the eyes, minds & hearts of others before this day ends while doing good. So both of us can benefit in such powerful positive ways. Even if only for a brief moment.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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