Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

What is life?


Is it…..

Our baby crying. Being in intensive care. Doing the laundry. Cooking dinner. Watching TV. Blasting your music in the car. Listening to a sermon in Church, praying. Going on a long drive. Taking your child to soccer. Having dinner with friends. Attending a meeting of volunteers. Driving to work in rush hour. Taking care of our parents. Packing for a short vacation. Working late to finish a report for work. Listening to someone complain. Surfing the internet on your phone. Writing an email. Feeling free when dancing. Buying a new pair of shoes. Studying for tomorrow’s test. Learning you have cancer. Looking for the winning lottery numbers. Visiting grandparents. Being laid off. Reaching in the refrigerator for ice cream. Marriage. Getting on a plane for your next business meeting. Packing your gym bag but never making it to the gym. Running 3 miles. Cleaning the garage. Raking the leaves. Coping with divorce. Planting a flower. Raising children. Waiting in a room for surgery. Hugging a grandchild. Missing a close friend. Being angry at your spouse. Feeling alone when people are around you. Having a cold beer. Reading a book. Looking for a new job. Dreaming about vacation. Trying to survive. Deciding who not to pay because there isn’t enough money. Can’t wait to be with him or her now. Trying to figure out how to talk to someone you love who is making wrong decisions. Taking your clothes to the cleaners.

You can easily add to the list.

Did you ever stop to think how many things make up our lives and how many things we have never seen? Life is different for each of us. Depending on our age, interests, circumstance and responsibilities.

Don’t be cheated. Do as much as you can, experience all that you can see, and enjoy the ups and downs along the way. It’s what makes life worth choosing each day we open our eyes.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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