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Listening To A New Voice


From time to time, all of us find ourselves with situations that we just can’t seem to figure out how to get through them. We get discouraged when we reach a dead end with no where to go.

No option seems desirable. One choice makes others collapse on you. Another choice brings about new obstacles. No choice makes things linger, sometimes giving them a greater life than they deserve.

We all pride ourselves on understanding what we face, how we got there, and what obstacles surround us. It’s true. Ask anyone in this situation and they can share a detailed story surrounding their current predicament.

But the fact remains that no resolution seems evident. While our frustration mounts and our energy dissipates. We have lost perspective — neither seeing areas for compromise or progress, nor able to separate our emotions from logic.

Listening to a new voice, one that has experience in the area of concern for you, is the best way to be stripped of your emotions while being forced to understand a different logic. Someone from the outside, can hear your story and frustrations and come to very different conclusions and approaches than you have.

For sleeplessly replaying the story that you are frustrated with has deadened your senses. A new voice is the only way to shake you into thinking differently about your problem. Suggesting alternate paths for you to follow. Never demanding but giving you the opportunity to step back and think about your problem within the context of THEIR logic — not yours.

Perhaps helping you put together the pieces differently for the better. Giving you a more solid outcome hoped for, while providing you a way out from the trap of the dead end you believe you find yourself in today.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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