Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring



In the middle of the night, the cold begins to pierce.

Without dreams to keep me company,

Wrestling with only my made up stories and looping replays,

That bring an edge to the night by being fierce.


Wanting to tell someone, where no one seemingly exists.

Wandering through my days,

Locked tight in a cage,

With no lifeline or bright sun to make anything fit.


It’s connection not loneliness that we should look to fit.

Different shades for each of us.

The silence, the night, the cold,

Makes human connection a stranger that all of us miss.


Loneliness can be powerful,

In choosing directions that clearly miss.

Compassion and empathy are only bandages,

that never satisfy what truly makes loneliness hurt.


Go gentle, tread lightly, for I don’t know what to do.

Life’s cold and complicated when loneliness is my only glue.

Impulsive, irrational, seeking only that which I miss.

Deeply hurting with no human connection to provide me a lift.


For those trapped in loneliness suffer quietly.

The noise of life makes finding it in others impossible at first.

Becoming aware of loneliness’ struggle,

Is first needed to find others who truly hurt.


Extend a hand, provide a hug.

Be human by providing connection,

Exposing the cage where their loneliness lives.

Helping them find a door out that always exists.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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