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Looking Back on Our Christmas Journey


“Amidst the cold of this day, the hustle and bustle of Christmas is upon us. Much to get done leading up to the magical days of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Nothing connects us more to our youth than this specific holiday time. Family traditions filled with favorite foods passed on to the next generation.

Children’s belief in Santa Claus radiates through their eyes with wonder. Christmas trees and decorations transform the loneliness of our houses into the warmth that we desire to experience throughout the year. Memories of our parents and significant others who are no longer with us brings a connection to their spirit and person during these days that can be difficult amidst all of this joy.

The imagery and experience of these upcoming holidays can be so powerful.”

Yet now it’s passed. Exhaustion sets in and  a yearning emerges for quiet time. We feel Christmas in our youth with intensity. We support Christmas through re-enacting the rituals we grew up with as child-bearing adults. Then as we age, we see beyond these Christmas activities, looking simply for family, love, and connection.

The challenge we now face is how do we keep this same excitement in our lives, the continual re-enactment of rituals that we find both good and pleasing, and the search for family, love and connection alive in the New Year that’s approaching?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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