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Confronting Obstacles


Running up against them makes all of us feel like David against Goliath. They are forever present. Especially when we know where we want to get to. Maybe it is an average employment review when you thought you had done better. Or you know you need more sales to become profitable and you have a good product but no prospects that can move volume give you the time of day.

When we get stopped by obstacles our mind focuses on what life would be like if they were not there. Our ego jumps to our dream coming true, making us feel good, without realizing that it is not reality. The result of all of this is we get stuck and discouraged.

What I find that helps in this situation is not to give up your dream but rather invest some time in trying to figure out how else you could achieve it. If my review was average, can I take classes on line to build my skills? If big customers won’t give me the time of day, how else can I get more people to buy my product?

This part of life’s journey is difficult. Trying to manage the disappointment while generating the passion to push ahead. We need to remember that anything that is worthwhile will be difficult to achieve. Lots of trial and error may be needed.

We may not know today how to get around an obstacle and that is ok. What is not ok is that we shouldn’t give up without trying something different. And repeat again incorporating what we learn from each failure to give us a wider base of knowledge from which to succeed.

Moving ahead in life takes a combination of seeing what is in front of you together with understanding the landscape and knowledge you have to pick your next choice or move differently to get around an obstacle.

This is not dependent on your grades in school. It simply a matter of your degree of patience, persistence, and willingness to be open to new things and ideas to get ahead.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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