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Managing Disappointment


Disappointments appear both regularly and randomly though out our lives. As we age, disappointment takes on many possible interpretations.

For some, disappointment is devastating. It crushes our spirit and hope for a better tomorrow.

For others, disappointment confirms what we believe to be true. That we are not worthy, that our life feels as small as the prison cell we wake up to everyday that seems so permanent.

For a few, disappointment is temporary. For them, it is helpful and very necessary.

As with most things in life, there can be so many interpretations.

To become more successful, it is critical that you manage disappointments for what they are — temporary. Maybe the time was not right, the message not as clear as it should have been, or the solution you were trying to implement was not good enough for the problem you needed to solve.

Sometimes the environment or people around you are not the best to help you break through in a way that you would like. Things out of our control sometimes “de-rail” us.

Other times, disappointments give us an opportunity to step back, reassess, and many times change course slightly to achieve the goal we are working so hard towards.

What can’t be changed in this process is that time is needed to pass for all of this to happen. And it is the patience to continue and the faith in ourselves to overcome that in the end is always the hardest.

Managing disappointment is a key building block to the consistent effort needed to build a meaningful life that has value over a lifetime. Never get discouraged but always “continue on”.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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