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Mastering Details: The Key to Intentional Living and Effective Decision-Making


Paying attention to detail is an important skill that we need to live our lives with intention. Details provide context to better understand what we now face. Giving us more clues to better decide the path we should pursue. Conversely, completing the details in our efforts, consistently demonstrates to others the quality of our thinking and outputs of work we are accountable to complete.

Details help ground us from lunging at half-true stories, and unachievable dreams in the short-term. While they slow us down during our discovery phase, the richness of information they provide is invaluable.

Details don’t provide direction. Details provide a foundation from which a direction can be crafted. Details give us much more perspective, which may lead to more or different questions before you decide on a direction or approach to pursue. Giving us a higher probability of effectiveness in the choices and efforts we choose to pursue.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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