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Missing pieces of direction


Direction – while it is very necessary to lead a productive and effective life it is never enough. Endurance and flexibility are the keys to enhancing (as well as realizing) its value.

Endurance is where the real work begins. Nothing is ever easy. Most things will take more than a day to achieve. Things will get in your way. Your schedule and demands on your time will slow you down. You may know where you want to go but if you don’t keep working towards it, you will never get there.

Flexibility is where your skills come into play. Tomorrow is never fully known to any of us. A new obstacle could appear. We may learn that we don’t have exactly what is needed to continue in the direction we have set out in. Stuff happens that causes us to adapt and change our path slightly to continue in the direction we are set out to reach.

Endurance doesn’t take brains but does require heart.

Flexibility doesn’t take heart but does require our presence.

We need the fuel that only our hearts can provide to give us the energy to keep pushing through in trying to continue to go in the direction we have set out to reach.

Presence appears when we begin to pay attention to everything around us. Keeping an eye on how well we are interacting with each situation. What is different about the situation we are in now versus one that was similar before this.

Our presence (many times termed “living in the moment”) is critical to not only better seeing whether a situation is the obstacle or if we ourselves are the obstacle to continuing down a certain path.

Our presence also is needed to find the little crack that we can fit through to help us push through when things around us look so dim.

Direction is important to have in our lives. Just remember to pack your suitcase with an engaged heart to give you endurance together with practicing the habit of presence in your life to be flexible enough to always have a chance to “break through” even when you must try a hundred times before a breakthrough happens.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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