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One of the most common traps for all of us is misunderstanding. Between persons, in situations. and with problems. What is difficult about misunderstanding is that we rarely recognize it at first.

Some times, misunderstanding is very quiet. We go about our day without any clue that misunderstanding exists. Misinformed, we take our next steps in the wrong direction.

Other times, misunderstanding can be quite loud. Resentment, disagreement, and loneliness can occur when misunderstanding occurs between persons.

In both situations, misunderstanding misleads us. Sometimes we don’t see what is really there. Other times we create false stories of explanation that are far from the truth.

Not listening enough to understand will create misunderstanding. Rushing to solutions without reflecting on an issue or problem before acting will lead to an ineffectiveness that is caused b misunderstand. In this case, it takes for misunderstanding to reveal itself.

The good news is that misunderstanding can be temporary, only if you are humble enough to always consider that what you believe or think might be wrong in the moment.

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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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