Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

Momentary Blindness Happens To All of Us


When we are certain that nothing can stop us from succeeding.

Believing we are right and refusing to listen.

Not hearing what someone is trying to tell us.

Reacting emotionally to what has just been said.

Wanting something uncontrollably.

When we believe there is a reason, outside of ourselves, for every failure.

Relying on our same habits to bring us a different tomorrow.

When taking too many pictures of only ourselves.

Not needing anyone else.

Amidst our initial excitement for something new.

When anger takes over our thinking.

First moments shared with a new love.

When something feels too good at the moment.

While our impulses burst through our skin.

Feeling no one else is as good.

Convincing ourselves we can’t do without something.

When “they’re” always wrong.

Overreacting to the trivial.

There must be more. Would you agree?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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