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My Eyes Are Dry


Words are meant to communicate. Most times, not as comprehensive as a painting. Sometimes used to mislead while at other times meant to deceive. Rarely are they filled with deep honesty.

Yet, while visiting with a friend over dinner, time melted away our small talk leaving his pain exposed. Moments of truth are never planned. Spontaneously, the four words he used described, with much depth, what his soul was enduring – “my eyes are dry”. There are no more tears.

A loved one is ill. The journey is now a long one. For both.

We romanticize love and celebrate its energy. Love’s truth is that it survivives unforeseen circumstances and waters the heart with its own tears until none remain. Giving the more able person the strength to endure. Therein lies love’s strength.

To not doubt but accept, to be close without anger. My friend appeared strong the night we met, yet his four words revealed his own struggle. His gift to me was his example of both deep love and extreme struggle all within the same night.

Extremes in life that we run from, is where we find how deep our own faith & love is,  during our times of greatest need.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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