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My Journey to 1,000 Posts


Today’s post marks the 1,000 that I have shared. Over a span of about 9.5 years – 2 per week – never missing a Monday or a Thursday when I post.

It’s hard to conceive that my interest in sharing things I notice in my daily life could provide this content fueled by endless curiosity and fascination with human nature.

As a craftsman of words, this continual commitment to writing has helped me become a better writer. Trying to find ways to use fewer words, always struggling with deciding when to use a comma, while getting better at using a less passive voice in my sentences.

But it’s the hidden benefits that were revealed to me, over time, from writing that surprised me. Most importantly, it has built a much deeper level of clarity in my thinking. Slowing me down to understand that most things are different and multi-dimensional when you go beneath the surface.

Stories are the things that confuse us the most. Explanations are simply stories. Excuses the same. Possibilities as well. We use them constantly throughout our day. From convincing ourselves why we like a certain shampoo, to attempting to explain a situation or a person’s behavior, we always resort to creating a story in our mind that seems logical and consistent with how we see the world.

How we see the world is our greatest weakness. It is the main reason our thinking is so flawed at times. All of our worlds are much too small. For “we know what we know” and don’t know what else there could be. Some use their strong beliefs to isolate themselves from this ever-changing world. Most times unintentionally. Making it imperative for us to continually seek perspectives different than our own to help us improve both our thinking and decision-making skills over time.

Our beliefs, experiences, biases, and our time-starved lives make our stories imperfect and incomplete. Yet we cling to what others say as if it was the truth. Without considering that a story is only one person’s perspective. Most times difficult to ascertain if they are rooting their story based on experience, logic, or simply their beliefs or biases.

My interest in this cycle of observation and reflection is fascinating and growing with time and words written. A new awareness for me is the strength of the role listening plays in observation. Briefly turning off our urge to speak quickly in order to hear and reflect on what is being said. Looking for what’s missing or too single-focused in what I hear. Pushed by emotion or blinded by one’s ego, there is always nuance to life’s interactions that we miss and rarely consider.

All this leads to life itself. Are we truly different or the same? This journey of consistent writing has driven me to the belief that we are both. Our differences are what make up our identity and are not meant to divide us. Making laughter, tears, joy, pain, conversation, respect, faith, and empathy what should unite us.

What the world gets wrong is they focus too much on differences as if they were evil. Where instead, we need to celebrate who we are, with an interest, tolerance, respect, and curiosity to learn something new from each other each time we meet. Remembering to create laughter, conversation, and compassion with everyone we meet – no matter their circumstance. No matter what time of day.

Deep human connection is the greatest source of energy and joy we can create.

Easily available to all.

“Making life worth living and lacking in nothing” is something Aristotle shared years ago and affirmed through my journey of 1,000 posts.

Thanks for reading my posts each week. I hope in some small way, you too are beginning to find “bits of life worth exploring” helping to bring your lives both greater joy and understanding.

Thanks also for letting me share with you who I am. I am humbled by your continued interest and generosity of time to show you care.

All of this makes me happy you are along in this journey.


Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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