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My Love of Emergent Thinking


What is emergent thinking? My definition of it is “thoughts that emerge over time”. Not readily evident on day one. Requiring a combination of curiosity and effort to discover new information which then requires you to “connect the dots” in new ways.

Over the past several months, I found myself frustrated by various conversations I would have with others. Each one told me their issues and thoughts around them. Most left me with many questions and possibilities never considered. Curiosity and possibility were absent from their words.

In parallel to these occurrences, self-reflection made me aware that I rarely make a significant decision without consulting others. Listening to perspectives that differed from mine. Trying to seek perspectives generated from experience. Experience that I do not have.

Voraciously listening to podcasts to understand a bit more about many topics. Reading articles of interest but of little use in the present. Always trying to expand my world. Curious to learn more as I believe all of our knowledge is incomplete.

This process of new knowledge attainment, fueled by curiosity, rarely fails me. There is always something new to learn. Even from the simplest conversation. I’ve learned that it is exciting to create options and possibilities that are not evident at first. Yes, it’s part of being creative. It brings me both joy and a deeper love of life. Where infinite possibilities become possible. And grounds me in the understanding of the possibility of choosing wrong because I’m human. This is the world of emergent thinking.

None of this is meant to imply there is value in indecision. Emergent thinking is a style of thought that helps us go further in our thinking process before deciding. Trying to discover one or two more options that might lead to a better decision. Never trying to find the “right” decision because it does not exist. Just never settling on the first story or approach I convince myself of. But rather going a bit further and then deciding.

Emergent thinking is unbounded. It is not constrained by logic or structured implementation. But is influenced by responsibility and respect for the productivity realized through good outcomes. It influences my belief in direction over goals. New knowledge leads to more options and possibilities which then may bend a goal while keeping us moving in the right direction.

There are many paths to creativity. I find emergent thinking works well for me. Incorporating the joy of discovery with challenges that our days present us with. Creating options and possibilities making life more interesting.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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