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Navigating Rough Waters


Someone close to me has been dealing with some non-health issues that have been difficult for them. Difficult times bring out all types of emotions.  Our ego becomes more dominant in difficult times, leading us to the point of defiance, when things don’t seem to be working out.

In the midst of the storm, it’s difficult for any of us to think clearly. When you’re not directly in the storm, things seem so clear.

What I shared with this person in need, was that everything cannot be changed or fixed in a day. My concern for them, is how they handle the rough waters of the next few days.

Can they find the discipline to keep their ego from forcing them into emotional decisions that they will regret later? Can they slow down, to both see and consider all options instead of only the selfish ones that they want to have happen?

How can they take what is in front of them and turn it all into a good opportunity? Do they see, that with time, how they can turn each obstacle into an advantage? Can they convince themselves to not feel sorry for themselves while staying strong and confident enough to continue to interact responsibly with those around them?

Most importantly, one day is only 1/365th of a year, and one week is such a short time when viewed across a lifetime. Rough waters across a few weeks, should neither discourage nor imprison us from succeeding.

Life is always filled with curved roads and rocky paths. Learning how to navigate rough waters is a valuable skill that can only be learned through practice.

Unfortunately, rough waters always hurt us inside. We never feel good when in them. Realizing that no one escapes them should give us hope that we too can survive them.

Working hard to stay steady and balanced while in rough waters is key to coming through them stronger, wiser, and further along towards the personal success each one of us dreams of in our hearts.

Words that are difficult to see when you’re in the middle of them.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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