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Needing to finish


We have all been faced with needing to finish projects. Could be something as simple as writing a blog post. Or it could be as complicated as setting up a new registration process for a school.

Doing a good job is always in the back of our minds while thinking about so many things. Making things complete and right. We silently want others to agree that our work is well done.

A word that I hear a lot these days is to “hack” something to completion. As I have come to understand the word, it means to find the shortest distance that will get you to completion. The shortest distance may not be easy or obvious.  It clearly requires seeing through all of the clutter and non-essential elements giving you more time to focus on what is important.

Hacking requires a skill that we are not taught in school. Its hard work and needs intense concentration. It is a skill that goes against our nature. We easily get distracted. Our attention gets diverted to little things throughout the day that have nothing to do with what is important for us to complete in order to be more effective.

Hacking requires a laser like focus into quickly “doing the math in your head” to see what will work to get you to your end and what will delay it. Most times, there are only a few things that are critical in order to accomplish anything.

Hacking your way to uncover those few critical things and then “stepping on the gas” to only finish those (leaving everything else on the side) could serve you well in trying to move a project forward to its completion.

Hacking will help you deliver on more promises, that you make to others, when work is involved. You may be surprised at how pleased others are in your results and how happy you will be to enjoy finishing something that needed to be done.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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