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New information are those things that are revealed during a process but not after a process or decision is complete. New information usually appears randomly. Never is it found in the proper sequence.

You have two choices when new information appears. Ignore it and keep moving on or evaluate it and see where previous steps can be strengthened or where previous conclusions can be modified to accommodate what is now known.

Time pressures, project schedule timelines, distractions, or cost considerations regarding revisions push us to ignore new information when it occurs later in a process. When viewed against these explanations, ignoring new information seems prudent.

But good work demands our presence at all times. If we believe that we are flawed and can easily make mistakes, then new information should be viewed as helpful even if it stops the process for a few days to better understand what it means. The ability to be flexible and adaptive in strengthening our work before it launches adds a degree of quality that we would have otherwise missed.

Life is messy. Things don’t always appear when they should nor do we always think of everything when pushing forward. If something doesn’t feel right, you must stop to be able to better define and/or communicate to others your hesitancy before a project is completed.

You will never know everything or get everything right. That is not the purpose of new information. New information should be viewed as a gift that can make your project or work just a little bit better before you bring it to life.

As with everything in life, what you do with new information received will determine its value. At a more basic level, the more effective you will be when you are more present to notice new information that is relevant even if it leads to more questions before you get to agreed upon answers.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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