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Our new start


We have all wished at times for a new start. To search for a new job. To move to a new city where we can start over again. To say I am sorry and move on. To leave our troubles behind.

The hope and promise of a new start brings an excitement and joy to our lives. The chains that have held us down are going to be removed. We will be able to see the blue sky after months or years of darkness and damp days.

New starts occur all of the time. Some planned. Others forced. What doesn’t change is their level of deception as to what it means for our lives.

Simply changing stages, where we play the leading role, gives us our greatest clue as to why they never deliver on the promise they hold.

We are the sum of our parts. Our habits, tendencies, perspective, interests, ideas, prejudices, skills, weaknesses, strengths, and biases all come with us to our new stage. The way we interact and relate to others doesn’t change on the new stage. We are who we are.

Only when we carry with us some doubt mixed in with self reflection can we begin to understand that our new stage is one that is created from within. It’s one that evolves from changing who we are. In small or subtle ways. Where we learn to fight our tendencies and acquire new skills.

Our vision begins to become clearer as we evolve. We begin to see things that we didn’t see before. To ponder ideas and situations longer before jumping into things that seemingly we always make a mess. We let more things go. Things that bothered us before don’t bother us as much now. We now focus on things that we once thought were trivial.

Our new address and stage lights are never the reason behind a hopeful and different beginning.  It is our deep capacity to learn, to try new things and act in different ways by viewing things from a new perspective does our new start on a new stage become meaningful.

If only we could overcome the fear of seeing who we are while wanting to try something new. Introducing a little doubt in our lives, to slow us down and look inside, can be very good first step to making our new start different and real.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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