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New is another overused word that we use in our modern lives. New program, new day, new initiative, new job, new routine, new music……………… We use it so much that we become numb to what it means.

New requires a lot from us. More than we think about.

New means that we know little about the next step in whatever it is that is new. If we believe this, then we need to forget (for a moment) where we have been and what we know. We need to pay attention to the new to begin to see how it is different and what gaps there are that we now need to fill.

New means that something from our past gets dropped. The new smartphone we purchased meant that we gave up our old one. The new suit we bought should result in us donating an old one that we no longer wear. We don’t have unlimited time in our day so when we start something new we need to give up doing something else.

New demands our attention and presence. For it to be helpful, useful, or a better fit in our lives, we need to learn more about that which is new. We need to figure out the new ways to use something, what the new rules are to make a new job work, or what we now must eat on our new diet.

Deciding to change, repentance, forgiveness, or suddenly having something in our lives force us to adopt something new is not the essence of the journey when it comes to new.

The essence of new is in discovery, learning, adjusting, and adapting. This is why it is fascinating to see that every time we approach new, as if we were an innocent child, so many different things appear that we never thought of. These different things make the journey into something new so energizing.

Our pre-conceived notions of what new will bring us can easily sabotage our journey into something new. When we say it won’t work or watch for evidence to tell ourselves “I told you so”.

The power of new can be great only if you allow it to. Approach your next new day beginning it as if all things are once again possible. Embrace the next new thing in your life as if you know nothing when you begin. You might just be surprised by what you will see and how new can truly help you move forward in a positive way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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