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Next Step Instead of a Dream


Often we fantasize about something that we wish could magically appear in our lives. To weigh 20lbs lighter. Or have a bigger house. A better job. More vacation. Less work. And so on……

Over time, I found that the romance of a dream never matches the reality of what is needed to get there. The next step needed seems so boring, so dull, and so far away from a future that we really want.

Yet next steps are what builds dreams. No matter how far away. No matter how small the step.

You can choose where the leverage will come to continue with a second step after a first. Is it discipline, stamina, or persistence? Ego, pride, or deep belief in our dream’s value?

Next steps are born in our today. Never found in tomorrow’s promise.

Only one next step is needed to begin. No glamour, no spectators or applause will be there at your start. Nor certainty, magnitude, or intensity will be found with the next one.

Silence travelling with focus towards something bigger than anyone can see.

Our next step is very much needed to become who we would like to be.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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