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No choice is a choice


We become too busy. We don’t want to decide. We say we can’t decide. One hundred excuses are easy to find when we are scared of making a choice. Because most times choices are difficult. Choices are revealing as to who we really are. It’s easier to hide.

We think we are “off the hook” when we don’t choose anything. We believe that time “will take care of things”. What’s wrong about this statement is that time helps diffuse emotion. This is true. Time also helps to get us to see ourselves with more clarity after the emotion has passed. This is only sometimes true.

What time cannot help with is direction.

And this where we make our most serious mistake.

We say “things will get better” or “they can’t get any worse”. We read our horoscope in the paper and believe that fate will impact our lives. How defeating is this when our world can only change when we begin to see it differently? When we begin to choose differently?

The small sail boat in the cove

floats aimlessly in silence.

That is who we are when we choose to make no decision. You see for us and the sail boat we must first find the direction the wind is blowing to get moving. Without understanding direction there can be no movement. For either one of us.

The wind in our lives can only be found and gains strength when choices are made not postponed. Choice force us in a direction. Time doesn’t. Exploration and trial will reveal the value of your chosen direction. We then adjust the sails of our lives, as needed, through our life’s journey using our heart as a compass.

Indecision does not insulate us from the stuff around us in our lives. It merely gives a false impression that it is the strongest thing we can do to not get hurt by anything around us.

Why are we so misled at times by our own thoughts?

Indecision in the end makes us weep and only intensifies the hurt when we reflect on the time lost in our life waiting aimlessly for our shooting star to appear. (I can’t think of a time when someone told me they saw a shooting star.)

The clock ticks. The wind is blowing.

Which one will you keep your eye on?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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