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My mom is in the hospital. She has pneumonia. What I found interesting is visiting her on a Friday night and Saturday to see the dedication of so many who serve their patients well each weekend of the year.

There is no TGIF around a hospital. There is no conversation at how excited one is to have the week over. Running a small business, I spend a lot of time working. Saturdays and Sundays too.

While I too don’t think much about TGIF, I confess that there are times where I just need to stop and unwind for a busy, stressful week. Sneaking time on a weekend to be with my wife and friends.

So many of us feel that we will break if we work more than 40 hours. That we will miss out if we have to work on the weekend. Believing that no one will be our friend if we have Monday and Tuesday off.

I will always remember my experience visiting my mom in the hospital on a weekend. The smiles I continued to see and enjoy. The nurses dedication to making their rounds and connecting with their patients, in a way, that make their patient smile for a moment during their difficult days.

Sickness, sadness, and the time to heal are not easy to endure. Neither for the patient or their extended family. A new awareness comes at an unexpected time.

This is one of them for me. To carry on, each day, with a smile. To try to connect with another person even when tired or stressed. And to understand that no matter what we face in life, that small steps of kindness mixed together with the strength to continue our day even though we are burdened by many things inside of us helps “to make life worth choosing and lacking in nothing”.

(This is a quote from Aristotle that I find fascinating and have aspired to through much of my adult life.)

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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