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Not Everything Fits


My wife and I spent a wonderful weekend with friends. Enjoyed a lot of face to face time with vibrant conversation in many different areas. Verbalizing aspects of our life giving us the opportunity to explore, with reflection, more deeply each others’ worldview in an atmosphere of great trust.

Our points of view varied from time to time. What excited us was different for each. Our uncertainties and concerns were exposed through more nuance rather than fundamental differences. It was time spent that affirmed that we were more alike than different.

But within these days of deep conversation, something also became obvious to me. Each of us constructed our lives in different ways. Yes, we both had challenges and failures. But the successes that we individually enjoyed, were created differently. Different experiences, routines, habits, and tools were used to construct them.

We could not recreate the magic in their lives nor could they ours. For both took years to achieve.

Challenges and new learning creates interesting lives. Rarely does this occur out of worn habits and thoughtless routines. This gift of connection given by close friends, gives us the opportunity to see ourselves for who we are. Learning new ways to think about or approach the things that challenge us the most. In an atmosphere of great safety without judgment.

The limitation of all of this reflection and new learning is that not everything fits. The context of our lives places constraints on us. Either in terms of resources, available time,or lack of deep knowledge needed to execute a new “something” into our lives. Even the timing of introducing a new thing plays a role in its ability to be effective.

Remembering that not everything fits brings a deeper sense of joy & relief when seeking out a better life. When connecting with good friends, we have a wonderful opportunity to find things that could fit into our lives and make them incrementally better.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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