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Not Everything Is Rational


When illness presents itself, we become scared for ourselves and our loved ones. Visiting both a doctor and an emergency room, challenges us to understand the sequence of questions and tests that both patient and loved one must follow.

Wanting answers and for symptoms to disappear is our only focus. Why do things take so long builds our frustration. Lack of detail while a diagnosis is found by following a decision tree seems such a long path to get an answer.

Amidst this world of science, the heart of a loved one hurts when seeing their partner struggle. An uncontrollable tear appears when leaving the hospital while your partner is attended to throughout the night apart from you.

You see, not everything is rational. There is a dimension to life full of emotions, doubts, and fears. Fire and raindrops. The power of faith. The rage of jealousy and anger. Greatest of all is that of love. For someone you care deeply about. Faced temporarily with a challenge to their health.

Waiting anxiously to hug them again while looking forward to being part of their speedy recovery.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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