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Not Knowing You Could


Yes, it can happen again. Limiting ourselves before we try. Not knowing you could is another great barrier to us evolving and growing as a person. We tell ourselves this every time we say “I can’t”.

A recent example reminded of me this self-inflicted obstacle. My wife and I traveled to England to see my son where he was working. The plane trip totalled 9 hours going (broken up into two flights of 2 hrs and then 7 hrs). On the return our flights were 8 hrs and 2.5 hrs long. We did it.

After the trip, my wife told me that the air travel was not bad. Before the trip she kept saying that she did not want to go to Hawaii because of the long flight. Now, she says this is not a problem and that someday we should go.

How quickly her perceptions changed once she experienced a couple of long plane flights. She came to realize that she could without previously ever knowing that she could.

Try something or do something to see if you could do it. The worst that could happen is that you try, it didn’t work, and you move on.

Not knowing you could can hold you back for a lifetime.┬áDon’t make this same mistake yourself whatever the challenge.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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