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Nothing is Simple


This has become one of my favorite sayings. Not as an excuse to keep me from trying things as it always occurs when I go to try something new or different.

Declaring that you will do “this or that” is easy. It takes less than a minute. Whatever is said might make others envious, or simply make the stating of it appear as if it will occur with certainty.

But as you begin to work towards achieving what you declared, you begin to learn more. As with most things in life, you begin to see the gray areas that you once thought were simply black and white. New paths begin to appear on the horizon as well as new obstacles that were never considered.

Once you realize that nothing IS simple you begin to understand why time, effort, and persistence is critical to reaching that which you declared with certainty.

It’s like walking in a swamp to get to dry land. Or walking through the mud to get to your child’s baseball game after a heavy rain. In science, much time is spent defining friction and calculating how much friction a surface has that will cause a fluid running past it to slow down.

Friction in life can always be felt and seen when you find that things are not simple. Sometimes, it’s not for lack of skill. Other times it might well be for that exact reason. But every time, it makes things much harder, less certain, and at times can even be demoralizing.

Understanding that nothing is ever simple is the first step to gaining traction in your life. Why? Because once you understand that this is common, pushing ahead becomes much, much easier.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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