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Notice First the Nuggets of Wisdom in the Year Just Ending


New Year’s Eve is truly a night of hope, joy, and celebration. As we get ready for the countdown to a New Year, we rush to think about what we want the New Year to bring.

What we miss in these festivities are the nuggets of wisdom that are hidden within us from the year now ending. Where only reflection, awareness, and self-assessment can uncover them if we take the time to listen. 

Simple questions to think about:

What made this past year so special? Both hardships and joys qualify.

Deep down, what are we most thankful for? Expressing gratitude often can bring much balance to our lives in spite of our hardships.

Now that a whole year has passed, what new things did we learn? Where did we travel? How were we challenged? Who did we forgive? What new friends and challenges did we embrace?

What kept us from achieving more or finishing something we really wanted to do? 

Where was our attention focused this past year? Only on social media? Or was it the books you read? The exercise class you chose to take. Or were you continually avoiding what you know needs to be done?

Knowing what we now know from the year just ending, where should we course correct? For what is true through the ages, life requires both our attention as well as our intention. We forget that on New Year’s day we are the same person we were the night before.

Making our New Year’s celebration more meaningful when we spend some time reflecting on the year that is now closing. Being thankful that we survived it while understanding that we need to do more things every day with greater intention to see them through in this New Year.

By not focusing as much on ‘new’ but rather consciously working towards building upon what you already started and continue to hope for. For little happens by itself. We are imperfect but full of strength when we least believe it. 

Embrace the New Year with the love of friends and family by your side. Wishing you much joy in the New Year navigating life as it continuously reveals itself to all of us.

10,9,8,7,6,………….Happy New Year!

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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