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Off time


Off time can be very valuable in our lives. Maybe today it’s only an hour. Next week a day. Next quarter a weekend. Or simply going to sleep early when you realize you can’t accomplish anything more today. As busy as our schedules are, off time is so important to both relax and re-group.

There is so much that we are concerned about. Schedules to keep. Messages that keep distracting us. Children that require our presence. Aging parents that need our help.

Not enough is written about off time.

Yes, there is a danger in thinking that you need more off time than “on time”. You could begin to sense this when your results don’t match your words.

Off time is as valuable as getting enough sleep. All of us need some. Have you added off time to your calendar? Whether it’s reading a book, listening to music, having a glass of wine, laughing with friends, or working in your garden.

We are not machines. Don’t wait. You will get more things done when you schedule some off time in your busy life. No matter what your age.

What is its biggest benefit? Seeing things clearer when you return to participate in the chaotic world around you.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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