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One goal


Productivity articles and apps proliferate the web because so many of us view this topic as helpful in our lives. Our distractions force us to find different ways to focus.

The challenge is for us to execute on and realize our many goals. So we turn to productivity articles and apps so that we can better do this with all of the things we need to accomplish.

What if we changed the model and stopped chasing multiple goals? What if we decided that there is one thing that I really need to accomplish to move forward? Right now. Beginning today.

It’s an interesting exercise. All the clutter is gone. There no longer is a need for a new productivity method or app to guide us to the finishing line.

Dive into the deep end of the pool with only one goal in mind. Get in the details. Figure things out. See things through. And then move on.

Simple yet seemingly impossible. Until you give it a try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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