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Recently I received an email that was long and shared a lot of points about an issue. My initial reaction after reading it was the tone of the email was full of prejudging with certainty the outcome of some decisions made.

Over the last few days, what has become obvious to me is that whenever you hear someone prejudge with certainty you have heard only their opinion. It’s a powerful image of the weakness of opinions in navigating your life.

No outcome can be accurately foretold before it happens.

Do you do the same? Without ever thinking about other possible outcomes?

Don’t make this mistake. For if you do, it will always lead to much smaller and less impactful outcomes in your life.

As well as making it harder for others to continue with their work, as you discourage them, with your false prejudgments with certainty, instead of encouraging them in a direction you ultimately may benefit from.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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