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Answers make us feel good. They show we understand something, that we are logical and smart, and give us the confidence to share them openly. Our ego smiles when we can easily give answers.

What traps us into embarrassment is the speed with which we generate them. When they are generated fast it generally means that we have not thought enough about the problem we are trying to solve.

With great speed, we are likely to pass up the “real” issue or problem in order to jump to an answer for something that seems obvious as being the problem but really isn’t. The only thing we have time to see when speeding are symptoms that disguise themselves as problems.

When things move quickly, there is not enough information captured for us to understand before giving our answer.

When answers are generated fast we latch on to a point of view that is then hard for us to break. We believe we never have enough time to look at something so it is more productive for us to answer quickly in the spirit of getting rid of the issue then to spend time questioning over and over what is really going on.

Our answers rarely respect the depth of the problems at hand. Rather than being indecisive (looking weak) we profess we know giving us the false sense of security that our quick answer is justifiably right.

Our answers tend to be wide, grand, and over reaching. The certainty with which we say them makes implementing them perfect for what we are facing. Many of us never realize that carrying out an answer that involves action rarely fully materializes when implemented. People and life get in the way. An answer that is a solution rarely fits the way we think it will.

Before giving your next quick answer slow down. Be deliberate but thoughtful. Make sure you understand the issue or problem better before giving your answer. Quick answers never fit the way we think they will. Never. So stop doing it. You will see the difference in the effectiveness of your thinking if you try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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