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Our Changing Perspectives In Difficult Times


Plans for the weekend. Both a party and a dance to go to. Staying late at work mid-week, led to a group of us going out for a drink that night. Rushing to the basketball game to see my child play. Tomorrow, we have tickets to the hockey game.

Where did these days go? How quickly the pandemic of corona virus has changed our lives. Leaving the world we lived in just a few short days or weeks ago to something very different.

Our lives were absorbed by our schedules. The screen time, we defended as being important. was strictly for our pleasure and our ego. What we did was more important than what they did. There was never time to listen because we were too busy talking or doing.

We thought the internet divided us. Too many voices. A multitude of opinions. But look at us today. Church services are live over the internet. Classes are taught to children thru the internet. Why my daughter informed me that she and her friends would meet virtually for a happy hour that connected them from each of their homes. The business meeting you once traveled to, now is completed by a video call over the internet.

All of our lives have slowed down if you are not in health care. All of us have experienced some empty grocery shelves. No handshakes. No hugs. Why we are afraid to be next to another person. Yet connecting with others now means more. The call. The text. The video call. For it no longer is about our busy schedules. Our conversations revolve around whether the other person is ok.

The uncertainty in the world has become the fog of our lives. Forever present where isolation is its only friend. A different world from that of a health care worker. Trying to help so many. Knowing what they are fighting.

Most certainly, we will never see the world exactly as it once was. Our perspectives, most likely, already have changed. The need for distancing has strained our recent way of life. Changes to our daily lives are things all of us are now experiencing.

The real question is will we value life, and each other, more now that the corona virus has threatened both of them?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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