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Our Confusing Reactions to Change


Driving on the expressway last weekend, it occurred to me that I’ve outgrown the need to buy a new car. Yet minute by minute, I saw more cars of every size, color, and type. A lot of newer cars passed me up while driving.

It occurred to me that people get very excited when they shop for a new car. Or new clothes. Or new phones. New furniture. New house. New job. New relationship. Remodeled kitchen. Newly carpeted room. Vacation to someplace they have never visited.

Excitement. Energy. Anticipation. New things introduced into our lives with such joy. Easily incorporated into our lives. New things become our friends and family quickly. Never even giving them a second thought when acquiring them.

All new things represent some type of change. Abandoning something old for something new and different.

At this same time, New Year celebrations just ended sprinkled with resolutions and declarations. BIG things to happen in the new year. Around weight loss, exercise, building a new habit, investing in more education, spending our time differently, or trying something new. All based on creating change from within us.

Difficult to do, easy to stop. There is little joy because it takes a lot of work first before we can see the results. Creating change within us is an incredible gift where few will go the distance.

And that’s what makes change confusing. When change occurs by buying things, it always makes us feel good. When we hope to create change from within us, there never is any celebration or feeling good along the way.

Creating change within us is much like climbing a mountain. Easier for someone else to do. More fun to listen to their story rather than live ours.

I don’t know how to end the confusion. I’ve learned that most change can be good. Creating change from within should be our lifetime’s work. I firmly believe this. Finding joy along the journey, is our challenge and the true work that we must embrace.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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