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Our nature


While bouncing around in our lives, we lose track at times of our nature. To understand that we are quiet. Or that we like conflict. Or that we need structure in our day.

Why is it important to understand our nature? It can significantly help us when making decisions about our lives. We can either choose to align ourselves in situations that fit our nature. Or, we can decide that we must evolve and become uncomfortable by putting ourselves into situations that don’t quite fit our nature for further growth or changes in our life.

There is nothing wrong with aligning ourselves with things, people, and situations that fit our nature. For example, enjoying books because we are introverted or quiet and feel uncomfortable with people.

When we are not aware of our nature and who we are, then things become more difficult for us. We become easily frustrated. For example, when one person likes conflict where their partner does not. Where we can’t get anything done because we are free all day to choose what to work on when what we really need is a job where someone else provides the structure in the day to make our work flow and to make us more productive.

Lot’s is written about becoming uncomfortable to evolve and grow as a person. What isn’t written about is that each of us has the responsibility to NOT make another person uncomfortable just because their nature is different that ours.

Everyone’s instincts, habits, strengths and weaknesses simply help define their nature. Again who they are. Embracing them by accepting their nature and who they are will go along way to going deeper into life and the richness of diversity that our natures offer to each of us.

We can choose to be with someone whose nature is very different than ours. We can also choose to not be with them. Both choices are ok as long as we understand that our nature is filled with flaws just like those we see in others.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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