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Our Stories of Explanation


It’s very interesting how powerful the stories are we tell ourselves.

I can’t do this because…………

This happened because……….

If they don’t do this then THIS will happen…………..

Didn’t you hear they were going to do THIS? If they do then ………………

He acted that way because………….

And on and on. Everyone of the stories we tell ourselves puts us, most times, on a path of self-defeat or on a path that leads us to do things based on things we told ourselves that are not true about a situation or others.

Rarely do our stories propel us forward. Why? Because they mostly come about from a reaction we have to what we see or experience. (We never participate as a character in our explanations that makes us the cause of whatever bad has happened.)

Stop doing that to yourselves.

Never confuse your stories of explanation with a next step.

Yes, we do lose or feel hurt more than we want. Spending time explaining what you don’t clearly understand (even though you think you do) takes valuable time away from planning your next step to move forward in some small way keeping your focus on how you will either improve or adjust to reach a more desirable outcome going forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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