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Our Struggle to Evolve


One of the greatest obstacles to personal growth is not knowing what we don’t know. I have learned to dance with possibilities. I find most others not receptive to possibility. Certainty of either their current situation or what they know provides great comfort in their lives.

Millions of words have been written about trying to create personal or orginizational change. All well meaning. Written to do good. Informative to those that read them. But fail miserably when executed.

Possibility. Inherent in its spirit, is the belief that something else is possible. That a different choice may lead you in a more beneficial direction. That possibility could align you much better to what’s deep within your heart. Or what will be more effective at this moment in time.

Yet by not understanding what we don’t know and acknowledging it, we are set up to fail before trying. Why? Because we become insistent on saying “I know” when in fact what we are saying is “this is all I know”. Dismissing possibility as if it was merely a grain of sand in the wind.

Possibility is the promise that change can deliver something positive into our lives or organizations. It is an affirmation that life is fluid. Dynamic because of options. Wonderful because of its diversity. That life itself was never meant to be confining.

The struggle to evolve is one that saddens me. For while life can be difficult, we make it harder by renouncing possibilities as real opportunities to change and grow for the better. Allowing fear of the unknown to build up the walls around us while letting our brain convince us that possibilities are simply dreams that have no substance.

Never realizing that we are the only ones that can bring life to possibility. Again, one step at a time. By changing from answering “I know” to possibilities to “but this is all I know” before dismissing possibilities as simply frivolous and absurd.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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