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Words versus Actions


Stop and think. What is the difference between our words and our actions? What is the difference between “their” words and “their” actions? If I bet a dollar, I would say that we ask and answer the question about “their” actions and words a hundred times more than we do for “our” words and actions.

What just came to me was that there is a huge difference between words and actions. They still come from the same person. What do you mean “there is a difference”?

It is hard to hide who you are when you look at someone’s actions. Things they do. Things they emphasize. As well as things they avoid. Watch how they interact. What communication medium is their favorite (email, phone conversation, or Facebook posts). (It’s easier to hide in emails or Facebook posts because they are so one sided as a form of communication.)

When you want to learn about someone else, watch and listen to their behaviors and actions. You won’t be deceived because actions and behaviors don’t lie.

We normally hear the words said when wanting to learn about another person. We talk to them. We sometimes listen to them. It’s easier to do and admittedly quicker. But unfortunately, we again choose the easy way risking the chance of being deceived. All of us state “they said this or that”. But do their actions mirror what they said? How many times are we left to ask “was what they told me really true”?

Do our actions mirror the words we spoke today?

You see our words can and most times are filtered. We become actors on a stage in front of others sharing words with them that we think they want to hear. Our script has been written to share with others words that tell them who we want to be or we think they want us to be. We cling to popular opinions of the crowd to hide what we are really thinking.

Words can lie. Words can hurt. Our self awareness is poor. Our fear is great. There are multiple reasons as to why we filter our words in front of others. (It doesn’t excuse us from trying to do better.)

I am not talking here about the need for empathy – of listening to someone else through your heart. I am talking about the need for sincerity – choosing our words with honesty to find deeper engagement in our lives.

The exciting thing you will find is that when we are more sincere and honest (both with ourselves and others) we begin to find that our actions more closely mirror our words which more close mirror our thoughts. We begin to become more focused, We begin to become more intentional.

Flow results. Life begins to have more meaning. We begin to like ourselves better. And then what happens? What we project from within begins to be reflected around us.

Just like looking at your reflection against the calm waters of a lake, your world will begin to change bringing you greater peace, joy, and love to help balance you during the times of stress, worry, and doubt that life throws our way as we continue our daily journey.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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