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Overcoming the ‘It’s Difficult or Hard’ Mindset for More Success


” It’s difficult or hard” can take many forms:

> It doesn’t look easy.

>I don’t think I can achieve or complete it.

> I don’t know anything about it.

> It requires something I am not good at doing it.

> It frustrates me too much to spend time on it.

> I don’t think it’s important.

> i don’t want to spend time practicing to make it easier for me to do.

> It’s hard to keep doing this over and over as part of a regular routine.

> I don’t have the endurance to keep up until completion.

> It’s hard to keep up because I lose interest.

> It’s hard because I hurt too much.

> I will be embarrassed if I fail.

> It’s hard because no one else cares.

> It’s hard because I’ve already tried and failed. I know this will happen to me again.

> It will take too much of my effort and time to “keep it going”.

> It’s hard because the more I do, the less anyone else notices.

> I am too short. Too slow. I am not coordinated. I’m not an athlete.

Get the picture? You probably could add another 20 reasons why something is hard. Most everyone of these reasons can be overcome except for physical reasons that we cannot change.

So quit saying things are hard because most things that have any value are.

Every excuse we give as to why something is hard is just a self-limiting belief we create in our mind.

Let’s start saying why we need to keep trying. I’m guessing your list will become much shorter and harder (in a good way) to hide from.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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