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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Habit of our lives

Habits are talked about often in self-help books. Addictions are an extreme form of habit that are harder to stop. Superstitions are another form of habit practiced with the hope of influencing a positive outcome each time we carry them out. Our habits. Small slices of our life. Easy to identify (sometimes). Adjustable, controllable, and stoppable within an arm’s reach and a tractor...

Impulse or passion?

You hear about the romantic. The mad scientist. The movie showed how passionate she was to find an answer. I ate the whole package.¬†Your mad today and can’t control it. The commercial said we could fly to Paris, right now, no suitcase with only our credit card. Uncontrollable. Intense. Blinding. Crazy. Satisfying. Unbelievable. Energizing. Phenomenal. Impulse and passion many times look the...

No choice is a choice

We become too busy. We don’t want to decide. We say we can’t decide. One hundred excuses are easy to find when we are scared of making a choice. Because most times choices are difficult. Choices are revealing as to who we really are. It’s easier to hide. We think we are “off the hook” when we don’t choose anything. We believe that time “will take care of...

Ownership or Outcomes?

We spend most of our lives buying things to have. We can do whatever we want with them. Some make us proud like a house. We work hard to maintain them. Others we abandon like an old phone. Still others we use until they break like an old washing machine. Things sometimes make us feel good like when we buy a new car. Open your closet or your “junk” drawer. Look in your garage or...

Confusion and uncertainty

How do you know when things are “really” beginning to change within you? It’s when you begin to become confused. When things are not quite the same. Are they different or are you different? Something used to make sense and now you’re just not sure. It’s not good to always be certain. Confusion is healthy at times. It’s a sign of the first step. As you begin to...

An inch and a day

The article talks about everything “they” accomplished. You hear at work that to grow you need to create big goals. In a meeting, people share their ideas for solving big problems in one month’s time. You watch them remodel 3 rooms on TV in 15 minutes with a commercial break. Jump and you will move. Leap and you will see. It seems like there is no need to cook because we are...

Silence in our lives

Prayer and meditation. Turning off the world to better understand and be close to God. To be closer to ourselves. There is protection in silence. Maybe reflection. To share with God our confession and doubt when we feel overwhelmed and tested. No one can take away our space when we are alone. No threats, no demands, no deadlines. The silence of a Church, a library, a doctor’s examining room...

12 notes

I love music. I took piano lessons in grammar school. I can’t play a song. But I do like to sit in front of a keyboard and play chords. I still remember my piano scales. If you ever take a close look at a piano or took lessons you learn that there are 7 keys starting with C,D,E,F,G,A,B that repeat. These are the white keys. There are 5 black keys as well. So there are a total of 12 possible...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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